How and why to sit for the European P.R.M. Board Exam?

Prof. Xanthi MICHAIL (Greece)

E.B. Certification General Director

The European PRM Board examination is open to PRM qualified specialists and last year students in PRM from the UEMS member countries and associated countries. The Board’s Certificate does not confer the right to practice PRM, since this is under the control of national structures. It is an attestation that the specialists has attained the European standard in Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Examination Management Committee

1) Question bank group
2) Jury of Board Certification
3) Board Certification Director General and Examination Secretary
4) National Managers
5) Training curriculum Sub-Committee
6) Appeal Board

Examination management

The requirements for sitting the examination include that each candidate: Ø Is registered with the European Board of PRM Ø Has completed an examination application file Ø Has his Logbook (or a Curriculum Vitae questionnaire for senior physicians) duly completed and signed by his local trainer and the National Manager.

The Logbook, taking the examination and getting the Diploma are included in one single Registration fee of 300 euros for PRM trainees. The closing date for Registration for the Board Exam is September 30 th each year. (Log book, Registration Form and examination application file can be downloaded from the Public Website). Examples of previous questions are also presented in the E.B. websites. The Curriculum of studies and theoretical knowledge for the Diploma of the European Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation are included in the logbook on the website.

The Question Bank Group writes down the questions for the examination. Each year, the original set of 100 questions is definitively prepared in English before the end of September. It includes 80 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and four clinical cases with 5 questions (Multiple Choice Questions) about each case. All the questions are designed in order to be corrected by optical analysis. Examples of previous questions are presented in the E.B. website. In charge of the lacal management of the examination in each country.
The National Managers (presented by National Delegates and validated by the General Assembly) are in charge of the local management of the examination in each country. The Examination Secretary , is responsible for the supervision of the examination management at the European level.
A Jury meeting takes place in a short time after the examination during which the registration list, the payment of the registration fees, the national graduation certificate of each candidate, some of the Logbooks at random and the result of the examination sheets are checked. Then, the Jury determines the candidates who have passed or failed the examination.
After the Jury Meeting the candidates‘ results are presented to the Board Executive Committee, for confirmation.
The National Mangers will be informed of the examination results of the candidates and they in turn, will notify those candidates of their results.
Specialists in Physical & Rehabilitation Medicine certified by the Board benefit a reduced group subscription to the official scientific journal of the European Board. Take part in European programmes in the field of P&RM in Europe free or with reduced fees. Attend European congresses in PRM at reduces registration fees.